Titanic Super SlideI’ve been meaning to blog this for ages. Have you guys seen the Titanic Super Slide? I first learned about it last year when my Dad reported that they had one at the County Fair back home. It’s an actual giant inflated Titanic ship, half sunk in the “water”, that you climb up in order to slide down the “deck”. Just like when those wacky Irish steerage passengers did it in the movie! Isn’t that fun, kids? I couldn’t believe it. In the end I chalked it up to Indiana bad taste. (Not that we Hoosiers have nothing but bad taste, but hey, we elected Dan Quayle.) But guess what I saw here in Sydney at Fair Day a few weeks ago? The damn Titanic Super Slide! Am I the only one that finds the concept of turning a historical tragedy into a children’s fairground attraction appalling? What’s next, the “Leap from the Hindenburg Bungee Jump”? The “Escape the Black Plague Haunted House”? *shudder*


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  1. If im not mistaken your sis has done it with Megan.

  2. That slide has been at the Arizona State Fair for the last couple of years – complete with attendants dressed as White Star crewpeople!

  3. LOL! True, Hoosiers have them some bad taste, but they’re not the only ones… A couple of years ago I did the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk for the Save The Bay Foundation, and they had the Titanic Super Slide there at the starting line of the walk. Don’t ask me why. I don’t see where a wacky Titanic slide fits in with saving the bay.

    My little cousin begged to go on it, so I slid down with him. It was overpriced ($2 a go) and unexciting. I remember being moderately appalled, myself.

  4. Oh Lord. Why don’t they have a string quartet playing “Closer My God to Thee” as you hit the water at the bottom?

  5. LOL! Now that you mentionit, that might’ve added to effect, as a whole. 😀

  6. dad’s right. i did. it was hard to climb up something inflated when you outweighed everyone around you by a good 130 pounds…my slide down was uneventful other than a bit of a wedgie! 🙂

  7. According to him, you did it SEVERAL TIMES, you weenie! 🙂

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