Pledge Drive! The Snook and I have decided to do the Walk Against Want this year. It’s a 15 kilometer walk through Sydney for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad. The walk is supposed to “raise money and show support for poor people in developing countries and Indigenous people in Australia”. We need to start collecting pledges from people, so let me know if you’d like to participate. (Hey Americans, thanks to the exchange rate your dollar goes twice as far here, so you don’t need to donate a lot to make a real impact.) If you want to help us out, leave a comment or drop me an e-mail. Every little bit helps!

P.S. Woohoo! My first real athletic “event” since college. I was just gonna do the 5km version on my own, but then the Snook said he’d be willing to partner me for the big one. That’s about ten miles, folks! So wish us luck… It’s gonna be a long walk.


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  1. What would a decent pledge be? Are they suggesting an amount? How does it work?

  2. I haven’t gotten all the info from them yet, but from what I gather, the walkers pretty much have a goal of $100. That’s $100 Australian, which is only about $50 American. So seriously, $10 US puts me a fifth of the way there. As for paying, on their website it says that we’ll have the ability to take credit cards. So that’s an option. Of if people prefer (and they know me enough to trust me), they can pay me through PayPal and I’ll pay the amount on this end. I’ll let you know in more detail once I get the stuff in the mail…

  3. Oh, and I can also send folks receipts if they need ’em…

  4. Cool! When you get all the info, pass it along.

  5. oooh ooh, hurry up and post the info. I love paying for other people to work, mwhahaha

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