Speaking of Six Feet Under, can I just tell you how it’s my new favorite show ever? And how Peter Krause is the hottest guy in the history of the world? I’m sorry, Max; I gave Alias a fair shot but that Will guy creeps me out. (He kinda reminds me of my friend BJ.) I gave it up.


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  1. i am right there with you, sister. i am so bummed that i only started to tune in about half way through last season’s reruns. peter krause actually had a starring role in one of my latest dreams, the kind you can’t share with your SigOth. wowzers. 😉

  2. But…but…but…NOOOO! Okay fine–I guess it really is a “dive in or just ignore it” kind of show. At least you’ve chosen a quality program to replace it in your schedule and your heart. Are you guys on season one or two?

  3. We’re only about five episodes into the first season of both shows. Six Feet Under is also in a killer spot on Channel 10’s schedule. First we get Sex and the City, then Single Girls, then Six Feet Under. It’s a wonderful night for couch potatoes.

    Single Girls is a totally guilty pleasure. Snookums hates it. They were filming it when we left London. Basically, they picked four girls, put them in an incredibly luxurious flat in Canary Wharf, and they get filmed going on dates for six weeks. At the end they have to pick a guy to go on a cruise with them. Not a lot ever happens, but it’s nice to see London again… 🙂

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