I know that the boys all love Kylie… but – God help me – I just can’t stop listening to Sophie Ellis Bextor‘s “Murder on the Dancefloor”. I need help. It was the video that sucked me in. I saw it at the gym. Does anyone else think she looks like Shannen Doherty’s skinnier, even bitchier younger sister?


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  1. “Gonna burn this G-D [sorry–my dad always popped me if I said that word] house right down!” Kylie’s da bomb, but “Murder…” is inescapably catchy as well. It brings out my shameful disco side like nothing Kylie does!

  2. I especially love that you can hear Yeah, this song makes me want to dance!

    Bizarre though it may sound, I like it that you can hear Sophie Ellis Bextor’s English accent when she says ‘murder’ and ‘dancefloor’. Heh.

  3. Goodness only knows what happened to my previous comment. D’oh!

  4. Maybe it got murdered on the dancefloor?

  5. Snook nearly killed me after I walked around for three days straight singing that song in my poshest British accent. It’s so fun.

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