Small hands!Hmmm. I feel bad about the bragging now. As a peace offering to my sister, here’s a picture that ought to make her laugh for six months straight. You see, she thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world that I have freakishly small hands. (“Carnies… circus people… small hands, smell like cabbage…”) And somehow she’s managed to convince everyone I know that it’s really funny too. So recently I bought some rubber gloves at the grocery store (to cut off the fingertips to use as makeshift quilting thimbles) and I was amused to see that there was a “sizing guide” on the back of the package. I couldn’t resist lining my palm up to see where I landed. As you can clearly see (if you look at the larger version, anyway), my hand is about a centimeter smaller than the smallest size. Har har. Happy?


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  1. I could say something rude about the Snook here but that would be lowering the tone…

  2. …and of course I have nothing against the dear fellow.

  3. …or you. Jesus, sorry. I’m going, I’m going!


    so tiny…so funny…

  5. OI! We were only talking about MY hand size, not his. 🙂

    Glad you liked it, Sis.

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