My quiltSince Snookums has been busy with his computer (recently unpacked from three months in transit), I’ve kinda been avoiding mine. It just doesn’t feel right that both of us should be hunched over computer screens for ten hours a day when we’re not being paid for it. So instead I quilt. I quilt and I watch Buffy. This is a picture of my quilt so far. That’s five rows out of about twenty-five that I have planned. (Yeah, it’s massive, I know. But I like big blankets.) All the colored squares are different shades of blue, some with patterns and stuff. It’s gonna be awesome.

Oh, and re: Buffy. When you Americans finally get your Season 3 DVD, be sure and listen to the commentary on “Bad Girls”. The guy speaking (the writer) talks quite candidly about the “lesbian subtext” of Buffy and Faith, and how Eliza Dushku was always pushing for more. Snookums and I found it both hilarious and fascinating. 🙂


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  1. yet another potential present that i can drop bomb-sized hints about to the husband that he can totally fail to pick up on… 😉

  2. Your quilt is AWESOME! Who knew you were soso crafty?

  3. Aww, thanks TD! That means a lot coming from a crazy crafty sister such as yourself!

  4. I’m so impressed — i’ve always wanted to try quilting myself, but was put off by the size of the undertaking… one question — are you hand-sewing everything? or do you have a sewing machine? Either way — very inspirational!

  5. Hand-sewing. The goal wasn’t to make the blanket, but rather just to give myself something to do. And besides, winter is coming on here and it’ll be nice to sit under a newly forming quilt. 🙂

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