How Smart Are You? I’ve been kinda worried that my brain has been atrophying, what with me being out of work for five months and all. Fortunately, no permanent damage seems to have been done. I scored only three less than Bill Gates!


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  1. I scored pretty well, I think, about the same as I’ve scored in the past.

    But Maddona is still smarter by 9 points. 😛

  2. two less than the bill, here. i would have had him beat if i had read the three kids in a tree question all the way through before trying to compute it!

  3. I took the test last night; upped bill by one. Must have been the Redhook I was drinking…

  4. Wow. Good job all! The Snook scored the same as Bill, which puts him three higher than me. I told him that’s hardly surprising, since he spent six years at college to my four. 🙂

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