Two more sleeps til my birthday! Two more sleeps til my birthday! (Can you see the restraint I’m using here?)


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  1. Heh! Someone’s excited. 😉

    I have your card. It’s sealed and addressed and sitting on my desk because I’ve been far too busy to get off of work at a decent hour so I can go to the post office. Do you have any idea as to how much postage I should slap on there? I sure don’t.

    I thought about pasting six or seven stamps on the envelope and hoping that it goes through. What do you think?

    Ooh! And one more thing, before I forget…

    My tacky leopard-skin suede XTremeMac iPod case was delivered today! Hee! Joy! Gloat! Dance!

  2. I don’t think it takes that many. According to the post office site, airmail is only about 80 cents. But thanks! I’m excited!

    (Suppressing jealousy…)

  3. oooh, for some reason, I thought your birthday was March 12th…

    ah, well. Guess it means I get to wish you Happy Birthday all over again!

  4. Heehee. Yeah, I wondered about that e-mail. Oh well, it was nice to get one in early! 🙂

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