I nearly forgot to share the finished bathroom photos with you! The Snook spent the last day of his Christmas break painting the cornice and the ceiling. So remember, this was the Before. And here is the glorious After:

It’s just so pretty and pristine! (I can’t stop cleaning it. I even bought a shower squeegee.) By swapping the shower and the toilet, our shower is now quite a lot bigger. We’ve got more storage. We’ve now got an exhaust fan so it doesn’t get so steamy. We’ve got a fancy shower with both a rain head and a wand. We’ve got a 4-way LED light fixture that provides a lot more light. I love it.

In terms of styling, we’ve gone with grey, white, stainless steel, and glass. (I can’t believe I just said styling. I have a room in my house where everything goes together!  HOW GROWNUP IS THAT.) That said, most of it’s from IKEA: Grundtal Toilet Roll Holder and Door Hanger, Strapats Pedal Bin, Nordrana Hanging Storage and Set of 4 Baskets, Immeln Soap Dish, Kalkgrund Toilet Brush Holder, Toftbo Bath Mat, and Sinnlig Calming Spa Candles. From Costco: Charisma Bath and Hand Towels. From Aldi: Rubber-coated Ceramic Soap Dispenser. And our toothbrushes are in a mug from Rediscover Ceramics.

I’d say that overall this is pretty much 95% what I envisioned in my head when we started out. I didn’t get my black grout, and the toilet had to be moved forward due to an errant support beam. But other than that, it’s perfect. And not only that, but we also had gas installed to the house, two instant-on gas hot water heaters, a reverse cycle air conditioner (with units in the bedroom and living room), and our two old electric water heaters were decommissioned. This was a massive project, and I have to give all credit to the Snook. He pretty much project managed the whole thing, and he did a fantastic job!

* Okay, so we’re still going to paint the door one of these days as well as the grotty old window frame, but that can wait for a while…