ND lost to Duke, but it sounds like it was a great game. At least more people will realize that Notre Dame doesn’t live and die by its football season. (Actually we do, but we don’t like everybody else to know that.) 🙂


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  1. Then this just means that everyone needs to give crazy support to the Hoosiers!!! (Sorry I’ve been busy, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!)

  2. I heard that ND played really well (I shouldn’t admit that I missed the game, but I did), so congrats. At least the Irish could go drown any remaining sorrows in good company on St. Patrick’s Day.

    And there’s no reason you shouldn’t live and die by your football seaon. We Dukies just get through football season chanting to ourselves: just wait for basketball. I’d hate to see Duke play Notre Dame in football; we wouldn’t stand up quite so well.

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