Yoga Redemption! Yes, Brigita, I decided to give the dreaded yoga another shot. This class was a million times better than the last one. There were a bunch of us newbies, and since it was the “new moon” (or something), our instructor took it really easy on everybody. We did a lot of stretching and poses. I really surprised myself with my flexibility (I’ve been doing a lot of stretching with my regular workout). So I could bend, but I’m still not very strong. “Downward Dog” remains my nemesis. I can only hold it for about three seconds before my arms start shaking with the effort of keeping me from nose-diving into the floor. But for the most part I kept up, and I felt really good afterwards. I might just make this a weekly occurance!


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  1. yeah! i’m so glad you took another stab at it, kris!

    i really need to go motivate and sign up at the studio down the street—the YMCA just didn’t cut it in that department.

  2. Dog is certainly the pose that I had trouble with at first. Now I can hold it for all of 30 seconds.

  3. Oh. God. I spoke too soon. Yoga hates me! Here I was thinking that yesterday hadn’t been a huge challenge, and yet I woke up this morning unable to move. Every single muscle is more sore than it’s ever been in my life. How the hell did that happen? I didn’t realize I was killing myself at the time.

  4. I’ve been taking Yoga for about 4 weeks now (so 4 classes). I’d class myself as “complete beginner”. Yoga is a lot harder on my body than I thought it would be, especially given the amount of time I seem to spend lying on my back breathing deeply. But that Down Dog pose is a killer! I sleep SO soundly the evening after Yoga. Mmmm.

  5. I noticed that too! The lying down thing. We spent like 20 minutes just laying there breathing. I’m like, “This is cake.” And now my back’s completely aching. Evidently my bones like to be all slouchy and hunched over, and aligning my spine makes them protest. We did this whole “sitting cross-legged and cool-breathing” thing that killed me too. Good posture will be the death of me.

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