Fire truck!Excitement! Yesterday the Snook and I were just lounging around at home when we both suddenly became aware of a loud clamor nearby. There seemed to be a siren buzzing and a bell ringing. Loudly. I opened the door to our apartment to find that it was the fire alarm in the hallway. “Ack! Should we evacuate?” We decided we should. So we headed down the fire escape and out to the front of the building, where we discovered that only five other people from the building had bothered to flee like ourselves. Everybody else was on their balconies watching us. Eventually some guy came out and announced that someone had been smoking in the 2nd floor hallway (smoking is verboten outside private apartments) and that had set it off. By the time we got back to our flat, the fire department had showed up. It was parked right outside our balcony, which is where I took this picture. Okay, so it’s not a very exciting story, but when your days are filled with quilting and soap operas, anything that breaks the monotony is appreciated.