Harry Knowles says Star Wars: Episode 2 is better than your wildest dreams. Of course, Harry liked Godzilla too. But if the movie is as he describes it… I can feel the excitement building. Only two more months!


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  1. Oh maaan don’t tell me he liked Godzilla too.

  2. He’s apologized for that positive review though. Harry’s main problem (and strength) as a critic is that he really lets his emotions run away from him. I guess when he saw Godzilla, it was opening night with a big crowd of people and they all loved it. With the right atmosphere, even a stinker can seem okay.

    To his credit, he loathed Episode 1. And since he claims to love Episode 2… that bodes well for us, I think.

  3. I’m still nervous. The trailers aren’t encouraging.

    After seeing a TV bio about Lucas, I’m convinced that his movies went downhill after he had kids (he’s completely wrapped up in them and I guess they had a lot of input into Espisode 1). Makes me like the guy a little more, I guess, but I’d rather have a great movie.

  4. Well, look at it this way: the trailer for Episode 1 was AWESOME, and it made everybody think that the movie was going to rock. Instead we discovered that he’d just put all the interesting bits in the trailer and everything else SUCKED. So maybe slapping together crappy trailers is a way of keeping our expectations low, since that was the whole problem with Ep 1 anyway.

    Yeah, I’m just trying to justify being excited about this movie after spending two years saying I wouldn’t be….

  5. I’m still burned from the last movie, but hope still lives.

    I have to remember to dress up in my Princess Leah outfit (created for several recent Halloweens) and visit the Star Wars camp-out guys. Not sure if the news has reached down under, but two guys have been camped out near a theatre in Seattle for a couple months now waiting for the movie to open. I figure I could generate some excitement and a good photo.

  6. Yeah, I read about those guys on the Net. I still think they’re a bit psycho though.

    Hmm, that reminds me to have Mom send my Queen Amidala costume. I might not be embarrassed to wear it! (Although how I’ll modify it to “Senator Amidala”, I have no clue.)

  7. I say don’t update it; it’s classic.

  8. Have you seen the picture of me wearing it? There’s one around here somewhere… Ah, here it is! 🙂

  9. Excellent. I’ll email my last Halloween photo.

  10. Tricia – I got it! That’s awesome… Too bad we can’t go trick-or-treating together. We could go as mother and daughter! 🙂

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