Apple seems to be taking a turn for the worse with this new iMac. Evidently they’re having trouble supplying enough of them to match demand. Snookums and I finally saw one in real-life at one of the Apple outlets in Sydney. I was not impressed. I thought that the round base was going to be all white and shiny, like the top of my pretty pretty iBook. Instead it’s kind of translucent with a dull matte finish. It looks crappy. It’s also much bigger than I thought. The monitor, of course, is gorgeous though.


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  1. I like the iMac. The top of my iBook can get greasy. Shiny’s too much of a distraction. I would always be polishing it. This supply problem is pretty ugly tho I won’t contest that. Anyway, you seem like a true Macfreak so in a few months you’ll probably love the iMac and want one for yourself. That’s how it works. It grows on you.

  2. Yeah, I guess. I’m a fan of the shiny though. It does get greasy, but I use the darn thing so much that it’s always open and I never see the top anyway.

    I’ll give the iMac another shot, I guess. That beautiful monitor makes up for a lot…

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