Aren't I snazzy?Since my mom wanted me to get “all pretty” for my birthday dinner last week, I figured I’d show you all how it turned out. Don’t I look nice? It was a good excuse to unpack some of my London gear, anyway. My blouse was actually a button-up, satiny-type thing. (Apparently it absorbs all light like a black hole or something, which is why you can’t see it in the photo and it all blends together in a shapeless mass, making me look like a halfback.) My hair’s pulled back with a flower in the back. Sometimes it’s good to be the princess. 🙂

(Interestingly, when Snookums took this picture I was fully expecting to have to open it up in the Gimp and do some serious chubbiness-erasing photo manipulation work. Actually, though, it didn’t turn out too bad. Maybe I am losing some weight. I guess I can see it more with an actual photo than by looking in the mirror. That realization still doesn’t help with the aching post-yoga muscles, though…)

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  1. looking good, miss fancy pants!

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