What does your US zip code say about you? According to this site, people where I live in Indiana are likely to drive pickups, go hunting and fishing, follow auto racing, and purchase vinyl flooring for their homes. We’re talkin’ scarily accurate, folks.


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  1. Haha! Mine says people have student loans and watch MTV. But the part that made me laugh is that it described the towns as looking something like Bloomington, IN and Lubbock, TX. We will now forever be linked. 😉

  2. The majority of people living in my zip code are “Norma Rae-villes” — most likely to travel by bus, shop at Payless Shoes, buy Sears tires, watch Oprah, and read Seventeen magazine. Er, yeah, I see that. But I also see A LOT of “Red, White & Blues” (go hunting, be auto racing fans, drink Diet 7-Up, watch auto racing, read Road & Track) out here in Southern Maryland, and they’re not even one of my choices.

    None of those demographic clusters seem to fit ME. I’m much too young and make entirely too much money to fit nicely into the demographic interests that suit me the best.

    I looked up my old zip code in Fort Wayne, and it said that I’d be most likely to shop at Target, buy a VCR, have a school loan, watch MTV, and read Muscle & Fitness. Bah! ;P

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