Snookums went to university at sixteen. His college, Wesley College, would set up its own in-house bar during special events. St. Paul’s College, next door, had its own permanent licensed pub. Students would go on pub crawls through Sydney that would visit thirty and forty establishments. Upperclassmen would host cocktail hour in their rooms. And guess what? Everyone survives. People still form meaningful relationships. People do other things besides drink.

What’s the point of this? Notre Dame has banned dorm dances. Doesn’t sound like such a big thing, but it’s yet another tradition that’s been stripped away in recent years under the guise of “moving focus away from drinking”. Ten years ago, Domers would’ve never dreamed that camping out for football tickets would be banned, or that Sophomore Sibs weekend would be cancelled, or that dances would have to move off-campus. My dorm’s signature event, Queen Week, will probably be cancelled, since it exists in support of our annual fall informal. No more Lewis Crush, no more Alumni Wake, no more Pop Farley.

This is a sad day for Notre Dame. I think Brigita put it best: Rudy wept. I only hope the students manage to mount some resistance to this policy. If there’s any cause they’d rally around, this is it.


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  1. Drink! Isn’t that the point of University? With Education coming third to expanding your knowledge of people form other places?

    American Universities that (obviously) have no Student Union bars just seem odd. What do you do at Uni?

  2. Nowadays, nothing. In the late nineties, we drank at parties in our rooms and stalked members of the opposite sex in the dining hall. Now there’s only the stalking left.

  3. and what fun is stalking someone without the glimmer of hope that you and the object of your affection could possibly share a liquor-infused smooch that weekend?

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