My mailman hates you guys.
Wow, the birthday love keeps flowing. Getting presents through the mail is the best, because they’re so unexpected. Thanks to my mom and Joe for the quilting supplies, and to my dad and Cindy for the “George W. Bush Family Paper Doll” book. (Seriously, that one made me shoot Coke out my nose with laughter.) Big thanks also to Mama Snook for the clock, Max for the Susan Cooper books, Kristen for the A Room With a View DVD, and Brigita for the Bruce Campbell Gift Package Extraordinaire. You guys rock.


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  1. You’re most welcome!

  2. this way you can enjoy your birthday for the whole month! 🙂

  3. Yeah. I still haven’t sent your card yet. I might as well wait until next year! ;P

  4. Hee. I do that all the time myself. I’ve got boxes of addressed Xmas cards that I always forget to send. 🙂

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