New Poll! What’s your favorite Easter taste treat? (Warning: this poll is rather U.S.-centric, since I never really figured out what Brits eat for Easter.)


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  1. i’m not the biggest fan of cadbury chocolate, but the creamy center…yum.

  2. Cadbury’s Mini Eggs yo, they’re binge worthy πŸ˜€

  3. Dude, come ON! Are you joking? It has GOT to be the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. Cadbury’s Blows. All that goo-yolk. I’m talkin’ peanut buttery, chocolate-y goodness. In an egg. Two for a dollar.

  4. Actually I was gonna put the Reese’s Egg! But I didn’t know what it was called. I’ll add it now just for you, TD. πŸ™‚

  5. When I lived in Richmond VA, we had an Easter promenade along the historic “Monument Ave,” along which we consumed a lot of mimosa’s, which I think is now my favorite Easter “food.”

  6. hi Kris, checking in from brigita’s blog. I’m a fan of the chocolate ears… a disturbing fact THIS year is the fact that my father is playing the EASTER BUNNY at a local mall. Not sure how comfortable I am with that…I have a disturbing image of a dirty, alcohol-laden Easter Bunny in my head…

  7. I could not believe when I went into the grocery story and those Reese’s eggs were 79 cents each! That’s more than a frigging candy bar. Give me the Cadbury egg, yo!

  8. The Easter Ferret

    March 31, 2002 — 9:05 am

    I eat little baby bunny wabbits for my Easter! Muhahahaha!

  9. Hi psorrentino. I see you over there sometimes. Welcome! Man, that’d freak me out. Actually the Easter bunny always freaks me out. My mom’s got a treasured picture of me sobbing in fright on the lap of some poor Bunny in the mall.

    And Bill – 79 cents his highway robbery! You can get regular Reese’s Cups for less than that! I still wouldn’t go to the Cream Egg though. Those things gross me out. My sister’s obsessed with them though. She was most upset when I mentioned that you can pretty much get them year round in England. πŸ™‚

  10. Snickers eggs!!! They’re sorta new, I think (just a few years old, maybe) but I can eat a dozen! Definitely the best U.S. Easter candy going now–until those Twix people hear the cry in the land for a big cookie-crunchy-caramelly Twix Easter egg, of course.

  11. mmm…twix eggs…

    i’ve easily got a pound of easter candy sitting on the kitchen counter all ready to be boxed up in a care package for The Husband just taunting me…so does lent end when i wake up tomorrow morning or at midnight tonight?

    and hey jeffβ€”what’s the p stand for?

  12. okay, kris…that easter bunny in your picture is not “some poor bunny.” he looks possessed. he looks murderous. he looks every bit deserving of the screaming, red-faced kid on his lap. i scanned it in somewhere, and if i can find it, i’ll send it. (even though it’s belated.) and CADBURY’S EGGS RULE!

    although i admit to loving the snickers egg, too…and i just tried the butterfinger egg yesterday. it’s NOT crunchy, like you’d think, but has a butterfinger-y-smooth center. quite tasty. (god, i love easter. i love candy.)

  13. Yeah, Mom was reminiscing about the Bunny with me today. She thinks it’s hilarious. They spared baby Joey the same humiliation, thankfully.

  14. not really! they took him to the GRAND OLE OPRY this weekend. has he any hope of NOT being a big nerd, just like we were? the future looks grim.

  15. Hey, the Grand Ole Opry might be kinda cool. I mean, Minnie Pearl’s not still there, is she? And didn’t, like, Patsy Cline sing there and stuff? She was good. My brother’s not a nerd! I’m not a nerd! *sob*

  16. Ahhh….I think Minnie Pearl is like dead. And Patsy Cline??? Whoa I smell a nerd! A big Easter one!!

  17. liking Patsy Cline is nerdy? J. and i would have had “Crazy” be our first dance if it weren’t for all the lonliness and crying in the song.

    good stuff, but not exactly happy-romantic. πŸ˜‰

  18. Ignore my Dad, brigita. His mission in life is to call me a nerd. πŸ™‚

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