Farewell to the Queen Mother. She was an amazing old lady. One of my professors in England speculated years ago that she’d consumed too much gin throughout her life to actually die, and that she’d just “ascend to heaven on her artificial hips”. She just seemed so invincible. I almost wish I was back in London to see the inevitable outpouring of national grief.


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  1. I always hoped she’d go on my Birthday as they’d be duty bound to declare a national holiday. She did! I await next year’s with anticipation…

  2. Wow. Uh, congratulations, I guess. 🙂

  3. Mourning Ferret

    April 1, 2002 — 3:14 am

    You sicko Jann! Happy Birthday anyway ..

    I’m holding out for Prince William to die in an ‘orrible exploding haggis incident next year on Jan 25th up at St. Andrews Uni.

    God you travel about fast! Just heard on the news, “the Snook family travelled to pay their condolences.”

  4. Heh, that must be the big and important Snook family that run Orange. Unfortunately they’re no relation. 🙁

  5. One less royal to contend with, the better. I am royally anti-royal.
    I am the King.

  6. Ferret For Justice

    April 2, 2002 — 11:27 pm

    You are an insensitive ole coot!

    TV scheduling is screwed though for a while. Ain’t gonna get our fave programs for a while. Grrr 😉

    Oh and she was driven by Hammersmith. Saw the copter flying to check everything was safe. It hovered over H’smith for a while. Guess a few ND slackers were watched them all drive by.

  7. I can’t dismiss her as just a rich old lady. They showed a documentary here yesterday that basically recapped her life, and she lived through some amazing stuff. And anybody that Hitler hated must’ve been pretty important in the larger historical sense of things. I guess maybe I’m free to see her just as an interesting personality, since her family isn’t, like, exerting some archaic “God-given” right to rule over my country. (Although since I live in Oz, now, I guess I can’t say that anymore.)

  8. We are citizens, not subjects.
    I cannot accept that the Monarchy are funded in no small part by the public purse (the Civil list) and seen by so many, including themselves as somehow better than others. No one should accept that from anyone.

    As far as the the Queen mum goes, an interesting programme (possibly called Reputations) on BBC2 some years back painted a very different picture of her than the cuddly, loveable old granny that everyone knows.

    Charles, whilst largely misguided by his own Royal position, at least seems to want to bring about a more modern approach to ‘the family’ and often has useful and progressive ideas for the benefit of society as a whole.

    I am not proud of my next statement but I belive its sentiments 100%:
    One less Royal perpetuating the blue-blooded myth of superiority is one step forward for the progression of decent and modern society. Rejoice.

  9. Viva la republica!

  10. Yeah, but in that documentary I saw, it said that the Queen has removed everybody from the Civil List except herself, the Queen Mum. and Philip. I think all the kiddies have to support themselves. Of course, that’s pretty easy to do when you inherit most of the land in London, but still, it’s not coming from your tax dollars.

  11. Snookums suggest that you left something out of your diatribe: “Help, help! I’m bein’ repressed!” 🙂

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