IU is through to the NCAA Finals. As a Hoosier, I have to say I’m pretty proud. And how cool is their new coach? He said, “In basketball, coaches get too much credit. I mean, I proved that this year. I mean, here I am, a second-year coach, no experience, and sometimes I have no idea what’s going on the court — I mean, no idea. I’m happy we’re playing for the national championship.” He sounds fun. Anyway, my cousin Jenny, who sometimes posts here, was actually at the semifinal game, so I figured I’d better provide someplace for her inevitable hysterical victory comments. Go Hoosiers! 🙂


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  1. I’m excited because Indiana is going up against Maryland. Woo! My old home and my new one! It’s going to be hard for me to decide whom to root for! 😉

  2. LOL! Woooooohooooooooo!!!!!! Incredible!!!!!! I will try to limit my use of !’s. 🙂 I’m so unbelievably proud. Atlanta was insane! We were going to try to get tickets for the final, but alas, there were none to be had w/o having a child to give up for sale. Plus, Bloomington is going to ROCK!!!! I can’t even stand it!!!! The hoosiers are back, baby! Dickie V. can take a flying leap!

    We like being the underdogs. We will have the respect we deserve! YES, uh huh!

    And thank you for giving me a place to post 😉

    GO HOOSIERS!!!!!

  3. Hey, don’t knock Vitale. His daughter was a Domer! 🙂

  4. well, listen. i’m a buckeye by birth and a pessimist by nature, so i gotta rain on all your parades (and i’m going to be disowned by cousin jenny in the process, i know)- but the hoosiers have kinda stumbled their way to the top. granted, the big boys they’ve beaten have stumbled bigtime TOO, and that’s why iu could beat them – but why couldn’t the hoosiers look a little more in control in those wins? oklahoma/iu was the ugliest game i’ve seen in the tourney thus far. even uglier than duke/iu.

    so i hope, i hope, i hope – if i.u. can beat maryland, that they do it looking damn worthy of it! i’m proud of indiana regardless, but i’d be more proud if they won the national championship because they KICKED ass (i.e. against kent state!), not because they SUCKED ass slightly less than their opponents.

    (hey, what can i say. i’m still stung by kansas’ loss. i liked goofy ol’ kirk hinrich.)

    and p.s. mike davis’ quote isn’t all that revealing, kris. the man possesses two and only two facial expressions. super-duper-pissed-off and super-duper-confused. most of the time i have no idea either what iu’s doing on the freaking court, but if i was their coach and en route to a national championship, i’d try not to admit that. but, umm, go hoosiers!

  5. Dude, since when did you follow college basketball so much? I had no idea you were so into it. I had to check your e-mail address to make sure you were my sister. Weird.

  6. Hey even Ant said they were cheering at Purdue after IU beat Duke. Guess if ya cant beat em join em!!

  7. I was happy at first to see Maryland finally go to the Championship game… But I hope Indiana wins, totally, if only because of this sort of thing.

    College Park is filled with a ton of spoiled, drunken college brats. I hate all of them. You should’ve seen pictures of them on the news, tearing up public and private property, cheering, fighting. Bah! They all disgust me.

    So, I hope Maryland loses because either way those donkeys will riot, and I can sit back in my easy chair and grin smugly as I watch a bunch of them get hauled off to jail. I hope they get expelled, the whole lot of them.

  8. Boooooo…Amy, you are dead to me. 😉 Shame on you! (Can you tell this is after the game?) I agree the games haven’t been pretty, but that’s b/c we win games w/ defense, not ‘sportscenter’ drives to the basket (although Tom Coverdale can muscle it in w/ 2 good ankles). Beating Duke and Oklahoma and Illinois (by 30 points no less), etc have to stop being flukes at some point. No one expected us to get this far, and to say we’ve stumbled our way there is probably true. But we earned every one of those victories. We came back against Duke after being down by 17! We’re fighters, and I’m very, very proud of my team.

    Go hoosiers! (Let Maryland burn, the little demons) 😉

  9. Hey, “Terp”. People who call my relatives “retard” don’t see their comments last for long. I don’t even think your remark was justified. Did you see the winking face at the end of Jenny’s comment? She was obviously making a joke, albeit a dark joke from somebody whose team just got defeated. And for some reason you extrapolate from that that we’re having a big discussion about the riots? Nobody said anything about the damn riots. You just got all defensive about them. For what it’s worth, I think such behavior is retarded (rioting, being at the riots, whatever). Several of the posters at this site went to Notre Dame. Ever been there after a big victory? We don’t burn shit. We don’t turn over cop cars. We don’t NEED to have tear gas turned on us. When we beat Michigan in ’99, people danced in the fountain and hugged on the forty-yard line. Winning a basketball game doesn’t give the student body license to become assholes.

    Now see? That was a comment about the riots. If you wanna discuss such things rationally, you’re welcome to. If you wanna be a troll, call people names, and accuse them of saying things that they didn’t, try another site.

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