The Ladies Home Journal ranked the “200 Best Cities in the U.S.”. And guess what, Moire? Fort Wayne, Indiana didn’t do too badly! South Bend and Gary, though, didn’t fare so well. The Bend actually scored lower on the “low crime” chart than Gary did! How did everyone else’s cities rank?


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  1. Virginia Beach is number 1??? I lived there for 8 years as a kid, and it’s a sprawling mass of trafficy suburbs: all shopping malls, 7-elevens, and credit unions. Not my idea of a great city. Since that choice discredits the survey in my eyes, I don’t feel bad that Seattle and Frisco are down in the mid-20’s.

    But hey, Brigita, when you get tired of your current neighborhood, you know you’ve got options.

  2. what?! color me all kinds of shocked. i notice that the ranking didn’t take into account traffic snarls, our #2 reason for not living there, #1 being the increased distance from base.

    i suppose there’s good reason to fight traffic for 40 minutes both ways, but without any munchkins in tow, we aren’t too concerned with education, child care, etc.

    and trish—i had no idea you lived in VA Beach!

    ps—how did New Haven score so high? i thought that place was crime central?

  3. Columbo in the Hiz-ooooooooouse! It’s number 15!! Yay. I will always be a Buckeye at heart.

  4. Oh – and I thought New Haven was a hole when I visited Yale. Nast.

  5. Well, I’m a Buckeye by birth. Can I be in the Hiz-ooooooouse too? 🙂

  6. Fort Wayne is so l33t.

  7. You are totally welcome in the hiz-ouse.

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