Summer Down Under 2002My Blogger CD Swap mix is done! Granted, the “summer” theme is a bit tenuous (I just put songs by all the bands that were big in December/January). I relented on my “No Kylie” rule, so she’s in there. I think it’s pretty good, actually. I’m a little nervous about sending Americans a mix of all foreign stuff, but I guess if they volunteered for the project then they’re open to it. I hope they all like it!


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  1. oooh, i’m so far behind on this. crap.

  2. Don’t worry. I’m not “done” done. I’ve only burned one copy. I need to go buy more CD’s and jewel boxes today. And then I’m gonna go get the cover art printed out real nice (since my printer is crappy). So it’ll still be a few more days before mine get sent.

  3. a kris and a kristen, oh goodness i do believe that i have been confused. I left a comment on kristen’s page that i meant to leave on kris’s.
    as much as i would looove to go to everyones page and make a burn based on the vibe i get, that isn’t going to happen with the time frame that’s available to me.

    however i may do so in the future if time and energy permit.

  4. Hey, no problem teejay. I couldn’t believe you had the time to even consider doing that! 🙂

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