A rare culinary success!
Last night I tried my hand at one of the classics of American cuisine: the venerable meat loaf. And guess what? It turned out great! Well, it wasn’t the best looking thing ever, but it tasted good. I need to stick to the basics, I guess.


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  1. i used to (and probably still do) love making meatloaf. it’s kinda like chili in that you can have lots of fun putting all kinds of good stuff in it. mom used to make a mexican meatloaf that was to die for. still don’t know why it was baked in a plastic bag, tho.

    my favorite was when i made one for a housemate in seattle on his valentine’s day birthday. i shaped the loaf into a heart on a cookie sheet and then coated the top with ketchup.

  2. Awesome. I’m gonna have to try out some variations now that I’ve got the basics down. My recipe even said you could put beer in it!

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