Hey, click on this link and add your location to the map! It correctly guessed that I was in Sydney, yet for some reason the dot it added for me was in California. Go figure.

Update: Don’t bother. It got linked everywhere today and the resulting traffic killed it.


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  1. that link takes me to a tag-board application – i’m not seeing any map…

  2. Ah, it was in the process of puking because of all the traffic. There’s a “sorry” message up there now. Darn, sorry you missed it!

  3. I got there before it went under, but I wasn’t impressed. It got my location wrong (it thought I was somewhere in Surrey) and put the red circle somewhere in the Mid-Western United States.

    I didn’t expect it to guess my location, since my ISP is based in London so I was expecting it to plot my IP address as being based in London. It would have been nice if it had included an option for me to correct the information, but then I suppose that would only work where ISPs allocate subscribers a static IP address (as Demon Internet do). What with most ISPs using dynamic IP addressing nowadays, the IP address I have today could be used by someone else half an hour after I logged off.

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