I’m all blogged out. In fact, I’m “everythinged” out. I’ve got lots of projects waiting to be finished and I just can’t muster the energy. I haven’t been to the gym in a week. My Burn Baby Burn CDs are still missing their cover art. I blame it all on seasonal affective disorder, really. Does anybody have any ideas to get me motivated?


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  1. quickly put on your gym clothes & shoes before your mind realizes what’s happening. usually that’s enough to guilt me into going.

    i’m also a total mag-hag and will save up all of my subscriptions to read on the machines. no gym, no magazine fun!

    finally, try to remember how good you’ll feel at the end of it. 😉

  2. Be on the lookout for a big package of CDs from Alabama. You’ll have to get up just to shake your boo-tay!

  3. ugh. i hate that feeling. exercise helps though, of you can pursuede yourself to go to the gym. endorphins and all that.

  4. Ugh. I’m in the same place as you right now, Kris.

    It’s such a vicious cycle: I’m out of shape, so working out feels horrible, so I don’t do it, then eat junk, laze around, all of which just makes me more out of shape and it’s harder to get moving and the cycle repeats.. It’s so hard to pull out of.

    Workout buddies help, if you can find one. Even going for a brisk walk helps, I think.

    I’m going to take a “health day” next Monday to help pull myself out of my slump. I’ll watch the Boston Marathon, get a massage, juice fast, etc. I’m hoping it will be a “springboard” launching me towards a healthier self.

  5. Yeah I’m suffering from it too! Have been for the last 12 months 😉

  6. lots of really raunchy sex helps. yep, i keep hoping for it 🙂
    seriously, orgasms keep depression away.

  7. Hee, thanks for all the tips everyone. I sorta went with the “pull-myself-up-by-my-bootstraps” method. I still haven’t been to the gym, but I did manage to work on my CDs. They should go out today!

  8. Errrm isn’t SAD connected with short cold winter nights (ie not Australia)? This was the main reason for Mr Brownlows flight from blighty. Are you taking the “proverbial” Ms Howard?

  9. The “proverbial”? I don’t get you.

    And hello? It’s autumn here! The days are shortening. I’m suddenly wearing long sleeves. That can have an affect! Sure, it’s been sunny all week, but in my head I can just sense winter around the corner. And to me, winter still means eight months of freezing cold grayness. Maybe once I survive an Australian winter, I’ll lose the psycho-ness about it. 🙂

  10. Taking the Preverbial = taking the p*ss

    My spelling may not be too hot.

    Well according to my Aussie (Perth) flatmate Oz winters are errr like Brit Summers only warmer.

    Therefore feel sorry for you, I do not 😛

  11. Perth?! Perth is like southern California. Of course it’s bloody beautiful all the time there. Over here on the east coast (which is a loooong way away), things are a bit different. We don’t have a lovely mediterranean climate. Instead it’s temperate and very changeable. In fact, Sydney weather is a lot like London’s, just with the percentages of clouds vs. sunshine reversed. It still gets cool in the winter, and the weather can go from nice to crappy in less than an hour.

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