In case you didn’t notice, my blogging drought ended. And though I still haven’t been to the gym, my life force energy seems to be on an upswing. Today I successfully managed to finish my Burn Baby Burn Mix CD! I’m worried that I put way too much effort into it though. I always do that. It’s like when we’d have gift exchanges in elementary school, and I’d always pick out something over the price limit yet really cool that I’d like to get myself, and in exchange I’d get a piece of wood with that “Footprints” poem glued to it. Not that I think your CDs will in any way equate to “Footprints”! I just mean that I never know what’s required in such situations and I tend to overcompensate. In other words: I spent five hours laying out the booklet insert to make sure that the pages were double-sided and lined up correctly and organized so that they’d be in order when you turn the pages. When in reality, nobody would have thought the less of me for printing it out on a sheet of paper, folding it up, and wedging it inside. See, when you don’t have a job, you find lots of other little tasks for your brain to obsess over. *sigh* Anyway, they’re going out in the mail tomorrow, so you, you, you, you, you, you, and you feel free to bitch about my issues when you get it. I’ll understand.

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  1. Ooooh! Very, very happy to be receiving your masterpiece. Do you have my address by the way? You need to send me yours so I can post my creation your way.

  2. Just e-mailed you!

  3. Jeez, you have pages? I’m so jealous. It took me forever just to get the damn cover image to line up right with my damned Jewel Case Insert paper.

    Maybe if I weren’t trying to do it in PhotoShop, MS Word, and the proprietary software that my CD paper came with. Oy, what a nightmare this has been.

  4. You have just voiced my nightmare, Bill. It’s going to be readily apparent to all my swappers that I have way too much time on my hands. I’m gonna look like a total nerd!

    I looked at the CD paper in the shop, but I couldn’t find anything that worked with a Mac. So I ended up just measuring the jewel case and designing the cover to that size. I wish I had Photoshop; I’ve gone to the Gimp and I’m still learning how to use it. For the booklet, I just used Appleworks. The Snook helped me set it up with the proper margins and columns to make two pages, which we then flipped over to print on the back as well. Then I just cut everything down with scissors. Like I said, I’m unemployed so it was nice to have some busywork. 🙂

    As for the pages – since all of the bands I picked were Australian, I figured I’d better indicate who the groups were and why I picked them. Just a little blurb for each. It turned out well, I think. Maybe I’ll post the playlist and booklet, in case anybody else wants to see what was on it…

  5. That sounds really cool. I’m sure your recipients will appreciate all the time you put in.

    And I don’t actually have PhotoShop. (Wishful thinking.) No, I’m a dork who can’t type. I have PRINTSHOP. Yes, I can now make banners with a dot-matrix printer, if the need were to arise.

    (Actually, PrintShop is pretty cool, nowadays. I just hadn’t used it since 1989, so I’m badmouthing it just because it’s been around the block.)

    I wanted to write little blurbs about each of my songs, but I’m just going to post it to my blog. It’s funnier that way, because everyone can see what a total loser I am. Yay! Good times.

  6. I received your CD today. Thank you!!! I mailed mine out yesterday and I mailed yours air mail so hopefully you will receive it soon. 🙂

  7. Thanks Ida! I look forward to hearing it! 🙂

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