It’s three a.m. On top of everything else, I’m suffering from a severe bout of self-induced insomnia. Oh, I can sleep; I just choose not to. See, I’ve been having disturbing dreams lately. I dreamed that I met with George Bush and John Howard to discuss stem cell research. I dreamed that I was in a play at my high school and, despite not knowing any of my lines, bitched out my director for giving me such a small part. I dreamed that my sister killed somebody and I had to help her hide the body. I dreamed I was having a baby. Like I said, disturbed. And what’s more, they’re coming every night, all night. Some of the worse ones leave me upset and shaky in the morning. This never used to happen to me. I’m wondering if it’s my new hayfever medication…


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  1. oh girl, you know you’ve got my sympathy. the next-day shakes really are the worst. i remember the first time i ever woke up crying…awful, awful stuff. i don’t know what to say other than don’t over-analyze them and don’t let them get to you too much.

    if the start of the dreams seems to coincide with your taking new meds, i would suggest you check back with your doctor to see if there’s an alternative drug s/he can put you on.

    if that doesn’t work, you might try popping some valerin before going to sleep. it smells horrible but does the job. or maybe wear yourself out at the gym during the day? what ever you wind up doing, be sure to take care of yaself, girl!

  2. The scary thing is with Amy anything is possible, wont even touch the baby thing…

  3. WHAT?! thanks a lot. you jerks.

  4. I take it that was Amy. Sorry, Sis.

    Brigita – what’s Valerin?

  5. valerin (valerian?) is some root that is a mild relaxant/sedative. J. and i have used it with decent success. most run-of-the-mill groceries and drug stores are carrying it these days, but if you can’t find it there check a health food store. good stuff and no hangover-type after effects. while it’ll help you sleep, i can’t say for sure if it’ll help with the dreams.

    take care, woman, and don’t forget to be good to yourself.

  6. That’s a good idea. I’m going downtown tomorrow… Maybe I’ll see if one of the health stores has that stuff (or can recommend something similar).

    I am being good to myself! I finally went back to the gym. I did three miles (almost half running)! That still didn’t kill the dreams though.

  7. I think it sounds like the meds are the culprit. Have you asked your doc if bad dreams are a known side-effect? Guess you could find that out on-line, too.

  8. Actually it’s just over-the-counter stuff. I don’t think that’s it though. I have a feeling it has more to do with not having a job, and therefore my brain has nothing to keep it occupied during the day. I’m not mentally tired enough when I go to bed.

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