Ooof!Great weekend! It started off Friday with the arrival of several mix CDs in my mailbox, courtesy of Mr. Jones. Snookums and I have been shaking our “bootays” ever since. Then on Saturday we headed to my first ever professional rugby game: the New South Wales Waratahs vs. the Otago Highlanders. Basically, it was Australia against New Zealand, so emotions were running high. New South Wales ended up winning 31-13. It was awesome. I couldn’t help making crunching noises at every tackle. (Sidenote: When I eventually return to America, I plan on introducing the concept of the “meat pie” as the ultimate sporting venue snack. They’re sooo much better than hot dogs.) Afterwards we headed to the sports bar at Fox Studios Australia for some bowling, foosball, and beer. Today I was a good girl and went to the gym, and then I worked on my quilt. The entire top is finished and I’ve got it basted together with the backing and filling. The quilting itself isn’t so easy. I was really frustrated at first, til I realized that I don’t have to be as good as my Mom at it. Once I accepted that (like all my other domestic endeavors), things got a lot easier. Now we’re watching Star Wars on telly. Ahhh, perfect.

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  1. Hooray! Glad the CDs made it all safe and sound, Kris. I think you’ll find some lovely background music for everything from quilting to treadmilling. Enjoy!

    Mmmm…meat pies.

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