The Snook and I both got rejected by the same company today. It’s a novel experience for us. We’re overachievers. Rejection is a bit of a reality check. (Not that we’re upset or anything. The company sucked. But still.)


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  1. bleh—i’m sorry woman. i’m sure it’s for the best, tho, if you already knew the place sucked. is the job market as bad there as it is here?

  2. Actually it’s looking up here, I think. It’s just that everyone’s looking for people who do things that I don’t do. 🙁

  3. Bummer! What are they looking for then?

  4. Java. C++. Access developers. PMs. Loads of crap I couldn’t give a toss about.

  5. Access developers? Whats the point of that? Stupiud little database not worthy of much effort at all, let alone a career.

    They’re recruiting PMs at ND – well we know they need good ones (in the most part)!!!

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