Bardot – one of the bands I put on my mix CD – has just called it quits. Ahh, the first Popstars band implosion.


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  1. Don’t forget Hear’say are on the skids and Kym left in a blaze of fury…

    Do I sound gay?

  2. Well, that was just one member. And she was psycho anyway. Isn’t she the one that hid the fact that she had kids?

  3. Nah 🙂

    and pink looks good on you too…

  4. No, she was the normal(ish) one, Kris. Tut tut, tabloid girl.
    Apparently they’re struggling to maintain interest (who’d have thought, eh?) and the record company wants to drop them.

  5. Hang on. You’re mocking me as “tabloid girl” when YOU’RE apparently the king of Hear’Say trivia?? Who is the more pathetic? 🙂

  6. It is de rigeur to discuss tabloids over the top of ones broadsheet viewing spectacles. Or something.

    Pass the kippers.

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