But nice people are better.
Right after typing the post below, I headed out for my day’s errands… and it was like the universe was trying to cheer me up. I met friendly and nice people everywhere I turned.

  • I stopped for a second to peek in at the cafe below us (it’s almost done) when the owner invited me in to take a look. It turns out his name is George and he’s the one that referred the music video people to our place last week. He might even give me a job! He was really nice.
  • Then I headed for the post office to send a Roald Dahl prize book. The lady at the counter remembered me from sending all the CDs and chatted with me about Dahl. She was the nicest post office lady ever.
  • On my way out of the post office, this scary stoner guy held the door for me and said that he liked my Breeders T-shirt. In the eight years I’ve had it, no one has ever recognized the group.
  • After I did my workout, I met Snookums at the pet store to pick out fish. Big Gay Al was there again, and he let me hold one of the lop-eared bunnies! (He breeds them for the shop.) And you all know how I am about animals. But it was so sweet and cute! Apparently they can be litter box trained, they don’t smell, and they live for years. I’m seriously thinking about getting one.

So I’m all happy again. Not all human beings are assholes. And how was your day?


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  1. Preacher Ferret

    April 18, 2002 — 8:27 pm

    Oh yeah after my last comment on the point below, have a nice day 🙂

    Everyone who visits here is full of niceness and deserves to wear a big smile on their face for the rest of their life.

    Keep the peace, read some Dahl, and blog your way to happiness.!

  2. I want a pet! Mark wants fish, but I’m not keen. You can’t hug them. Plus, we have enough trouble just keeping our plants alive so I’m not sure that’s a good sign for pet readiness.

  3. Seriously, go to the pet store and ask to hold a bunny. They’re the cutest things ever. The more I think about it, the more I want one. It seems like a weird pet, but the guy insists that they’re docile, trainable, and non-smelly. And they’re so cute!

  4. you’re in love with a rodent? cute and adorable, certainly, but a rodent all the same…you must have had a good day!

    are rabbits really trainable? for stuff besides magic tricks?

  5. When I was a kid we “bunny-sat” for a few days, and the said bunny was the cutest, sweetest, most placid creature ever. My sister and I decided we wanted one, of course, so my father built a hutch in the back yard and surprised us on Christmas morning with two cute, little, male bunnies. One of them then proceeded to attack the other one constantly until we decided that we couldn’t stand the madness and took them back to the pet store. Upon later reflection, my sister and I really think that the aggressive one was trying to rape the other.

    These bunnies were little, hpyer ones, not the big, calm ones; there may be a difference in breeding. And it’s probably never wise to have 2 male animals together in a cage without expecting bad things (think prison movies) to happen.

    This story doesn’t really belong on the “isn’t life great” post, but just so you know, there can be a dark side to cute and fuzzy bunnies.

  6. Brigita – I know! It’s so weird. I was scared when he handed it to me (especially since you kind of hold it cradled against your chest, up near your face) but it was so sweet and docile and soft and cute. We saw on a TV special that the bigger they are, the more calm they are. It’s the little mean ones that go nuts. You’ve also got to pay (lots) to get them de-sexed, otherwise at 8 months their sex drive kicks in and they can get a bit “aggressive” (must be what happened to yours, Trish). But the guys at the pet store assures me that they can be trained to use a litterbox and even to walk on a leash! How cute would I be walkin’ a bunny?? 🙂

    I’ve resolved, though, that I’m not going to consider the bunny issue anymore til we get a bigger apartment. Our lease is up in two months, and we’re hoping to move to a bigger place in the same building. As it is, we’ve barely got enough room for ourselves, let alone a pet.

  7. “think prison movies.”

    you’ve been spending way too much time with danger d, trish.

  8. I once “bunny-sat” too.

    Don’t worry, I didn’t squash it too much. With a bit of pulling and tuggish, the creature was back in shape in no time.

    Mind you, Tommy who was helping pulled too hard on one of the hind legs and pulled it off by accident. Ooops!

  9. the picture of a bunny using a litterbox is even cute! and how cool would it be if you gave your rabbit some totally butch name and walked it around with a studded collar? bitchin bunny!

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