Mean people suck.
My recently-married Dad moved in with his new wife three weeks ago. This past weekend, he parked his Jeep in front of the house and went in to bed. When he came out in the morning, some asshole had broken in. They tried to jimmy the lock with a screwdriver, but when that didn’t work they just busted the window. Then they proceeded to rip his stereo out of the dash. At first Dad thought that was the extent of the damage. Then he discovered that they’d stolen his garage door opener, gone around the back of the house, opened the garage, and stolen his mountain bike. And this all happened in a nice, Midwestern, “Leave it to Beaver” residential area. What kind of savages would do such a thing? What kind of an ass do you have to be to think, “I’m going to break in and forcibly remove your stuff and make it mine.”? I rant about people who think they are above the rules, but in my case that usually means people who cut in line or bitch at the check-in woman at the airport. I don’t know what I’d do if I was actually confronted with someone who had so little respect for the rest of humanity that they’d actually smash through a window and take my stuff. I feel as mad and frustrated as I did when those assholes egged us. We’re trying to have a society here, people. (TM Brigita)

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  1. Just face it most people suck. It’s time a new race had a go at being the dominant species on planet Earth.

    Though won’t be long anyway before some war or disaster wipes us all out.
    I give it 100-200 years.

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