Our babies!At long last, we have our babies!
Well, fish babies. Big Gay Al helped us pick them out Thursday. If you wanna see ’em up close, click here. The black one in the upper right has really bulgy eyes, so we named him Admiral Ackbar. Continuing clockwise we have Grand Moff Tarkin, Aurra Sing, and Porkins. (He’s the fat one facing backwards.) We also have a little snail that sticks to the aquarium walls. His name is Salacious Crumb, of course. (If you don’t get the names, just remember that we’re geeks.)


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  1. Love that you went with Ackbar! My brother and I secretly called one of our great uncles “Ackbar” behind his back (the resemblance is frightening), but once we realized that NO ONE in our family would get the joke, we just started doing it in everyday conversation around him–I think he thought it was just “hip young-people talk”! šŸ™‚

  2. Sweet. I didn’t like the bulgy-eyed fish at first, but once Snookums pointed out the Ackbar-resemblance, I was all about him. šŸ™‚

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