It’s actually very early Sunday morning, and we just got back from the Ben Folds concert. It was fantastic. Just him and a piano and a couple hundred of us packed in a theater. Then the Snook and I headed to the local tapas place for some late night snackage and the best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted. Good times.


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  1. I didn’t even know Ben Folds was touring now that the band broke up. I checked his site and he’s coming to Boston June 8. YAY! Thanks, Kris … I probably would never have known that had you not written about it.

  2. Cool! You’ll enjoy the show. I’m a little pissed, because I read in the paper today that Elton John was going to make a surprise appearance at his concert tonight. He had to cancel it though, so there was only the Saturday night show. How cool would that have been??

  3. You aussies are very lucky to have him now. I live near Chapel Hill, NC, and when he was here (since, I guess, like 1993 until last year or so), he would sometimes give impromptu concerts that we would hear about on the day of the show through word-of-mouth. I miss it that way. But he did come around here twice in the second half of last year, so not all bad, right?

    PS: I’ve lurked around here off and on for a while now. So I guess this will serve as an official hello.

  4. Hi Louise! Glad to have you around. If he does the impromptu thing, I’d probably miss it. He lives in Adelaide, which is too friggin’ far away for me to contemplate. (Australia is too big.) But at least it means that we get a decent tour over here, rather than somebody like Britney who flies in, does one show, then leaves.

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