Pop Quiz: In the past week, the Snook and I have bought two new devices for our apartment. These devices were named “Stickmaster” and “Thrustmaster” respectively. Can you guess what they actually were? (Get your mind out of the gutter. They’re not dirty!)


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  1. hmm… a broom and a vacuum?
    why, i don’t know.

  2. I know what thrustmaster is, a joystick.

    Dunno about stickmaster though? Don’t keep me in suspenders any longer.

    I doubt it’s this which I got after searching and seeing the pictures of massive machinery.


    A fully automatic “workhorse”
    for fast, economical production of


  3. one of those handheld blenders? mmmm…smoothies.


  4. Well, thurstmaster is definitely a joystick for video games. And stickmaster – either you’re gonna take up hockey or the drums…which is it pants?

  5. I meant THRUSTmaster. Thurstmaster would obviously be something DIRTY!

  6. Man, I should’ve KNOWN you two tech-ies would be getting a freakin’ joystick. Don’t fret, though, I am ready to call my broom the “stickmaster”. (I already call myself the “Thrustmaster”. WHAAAT?)

  7. nice one, tara. 😉

    i’m getting my thrustmaster back next week. friggin’ navy. 😉

  8. Hahahaha… Bravo, you guys got them both. Stickmaster is a handheld blender. Thrustmaster is a joystick.

    Little – Hey, nice to see you here!

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