Remember how some of you sponsored me in the Walk Against Want in March? My walk was peanuts. My good friend Tara D is doing a massive three-day, sixty-mile walk for breast cancer research next month. That’s almost a marathon a day! It’s called the Breast Cancer 3-Day, and she’s almost halfway to her funding goal. Did I mention that this is a good cause and that Tara D is a really amazing person for doing this? You should go sponsor her right now. I did!


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  1. ahh that’s nothing 60 miles. Now see this, that’s a walk

  2. Oh my god, Howie – what a nice promoter you are! I am totally getting psyched up. I had a party last night to raise mones and got another 150, so that was good. I think that I’m at about 1500 out of my 1900 goal, so things are on their way… but if anyone would like to donate to this super great walk, that would be the dopest. Thanks, Howie, for talkin’ it up with your (very enjoyable and pretty) readers. *wink*

  3. Hey TD – I had an idea to post it at the PW site, but I wasn’t sure whether Crawfy would be comfortable with that. Do you think it’d be okay? Or she could write it up.

  4. And “Anonymous” (although I’m pretty sure it’s just Ferret) – that’s swell and all, but that guy’s not doing it on behalf of my boobies. πŸ™‚

  5. So you think you’re going to get funds just though a little flattery, Tara? People would have to be pretty desperate for compliments to fall for that one (oh, that’s me). πŸ˜‰

    Actually, it’s a great cause, and I respect your dedication to donate so much time and energy on this effort, Tara. Good luck!

  6. Hey TD – My mom said she’s giving you a donation. I think she’s still trying to make up for mistaking you for the dead girl on that invitation to her wedding reception. (Of course, that was all my fault, but still… πŸ™‚

  7. Well, to all y’all pretties, thank you. I just turned in a bunch more money, so now I’m only like, a hundred under with that party I had – you guys are dope. Tricia, flattery goes to ESPECIALLY you, and your lovely flaxen/raven hair, your ebony/ivory skin, your winning smile. That goes for all of you, really.

    Very thoughtful of you, Howie…

    Now if I could only stop sitting on my couch, eating Java Chip ice cream, and actually walk more than five in one day, then MAYBE I’d be a little better off. Hey, forget about money – anyone want to relay? πŸ˜‰

  8. Mmmm… Java Chip…

    I do have a winning smile. πŸ™‚

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