• Rashas_Mo: Australian Citizenship test: ANZAC day falls on a Tuesday Is it more Aussie to
    A) Take Monday off
    B) Take Wednesday off to recover
  • ziyatong: THIS 👇 https://t.co/YuCB1TnWSX
  • caseywest: The Wizarding World of Cloud Computing

    Google Cloud: Ravenclaw
    Amazon AWS: Gryffindor
    Microsoft Azure: Hufflepuff
    Oracle Cloud: Slytherin

  • Brocklesnitch: is the tagline for The Gretz bar in Enmore 'The Gretz, i've had a few' or do i have to think of everything
  • kaylajheffernan: Diversity is having one of the five Chris' in your team spell it with a K 😉
  • mlle_elle: Nothing provokes my inner "angry person in local newspaper" than the students who walk ineffectually down the narrow road to Redfern station
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