Hey, Hoosiers, I need some help. My brain is imploding. What’s the name of that oh-so-yummy-yet-kinda-disgusting-too canned chocolate drink that you buy at gas stations? It’s made by one of the soda companies. It’s not Yoohoo. What the hell is it called? I’m going insane.


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  1. Chocola?

  2. That stuff’s like drinking dirty milk with sugar. Bleck!

  3. Yeah! Chocola!

    Sigh. This made me think of Faygo, which you can’t get out here in Maryland. I miss me some Faygo Black Cherry soda.

  4. Chocola! Exactly. Yeah, it’s disgusting but I used to love it when I was 4. 🙂

  5. You can still buy Chocola here in Southern Indiana.

  6. Chocola and Yoohoo are the same thing. They are made from the same ingredients, by the same company in New Jersey.

  7. you can get chocola in nothern indiana too.. and i think its good..

  8. And we’ve come full circle… I’m FROM Northern Indiana; that’s why I mentioned it in the first place!

  9. Anyone have a photo of the logo for Chocola? I’m going to a town-hall meeting tonight by congressman Chris Chocola and I want to be appropriately irreverent!

  10. I am in Kokomo, IN and can not find it anywhere. Please help…

  11. It’s been a very long time since I had a bottle of Chocola. As I recall, you had to shake it to mix in the chocolate that settled out. Does anyone else remember that?

  12. Hey this hoosier girl knows…
    my grandparents owned a store in southern IN

    Chocola came in a white can with a brown oval label that said “Chocola”

    It was made by RC bottling Co. and is definately different than Yoo-Hoo !

  13. You all are wrong. It was made in Indianpolis, Indiana. The plant was on Churchman Street just south of Raymond. The building is still there. I have old cans, wooden crates and bottles. It was never owned by the RC Co.

  14. Hey JD!: Could you send a picture of the bottles, cans or cases?

    I remember from the 60s buying and drinking the wonderful stuff in Columbus, OH.


    My email:
    leeroth yahoo.com

  15. I enjoyed reading this thread. I was born and raised in Indy and absolutely loved Chocola. I now live in northern Illinois and nobody has ever heard of it. I wished I could go back in time to get them a case just so they could see what they’ve missed. I would like to have a picture of it too if it’s possible. I was thinking the can was brown or dark orange with a cartoon-like picture of a cow on the front. Thanks! John

  16. I know a girl in anderson who buys it a lot.

  17. It’s so cool to come across other Chocola fans! I was raised for a good portion of my childhood in Bloomington, Indiana, and I used to love that drink. I remember a TV commercial that ended with the kids requesting more of it next time the parents go shopping. I found a link to a picture that someone posted on another thread. It’s different from the brown can I remember though.


  18. where at in Anderson can you still buy Chocola? Please tell me and I’ll “GET SOME !!”

  19. i’m from southwest ohio we used to drink it alot here when we were kids, not around anymore though. bottles were clear with white graphics with a picture of a cow i think

  20. Chocola was the best in the 60s when it still came only in glass bottles! I’d gladly give up my computer and all the inventions of the last 4 decades just for a case of Chocola!

  21. Someone please post as much info as you can bout who made it and what happened if anyone knows. I miss this stuff and remember still getting it at my local WM in central indiana in like 04 I think. Then never heard anything again, hardly anything on google about it. 20 years ago roselyn and chocola memories….

  22. OK, there is no way choc-ola and yoohoo are the same thing. Trust me, they taste very different and Choc-ola was much much better. I always had it in the brown cans with the logo diagonally across it. they then changed the can the last year that i could get it and it looked stupid. Wish i could have a cold one right now!

  23. I am from central Kentucky and I used to love Choc-ola. The last I had was sometime around 1989. They used to still have it in glass bottles in country stores when I was about five. I’m 32 now. I would definitely drive to Indy for one. I’ve been going there for non-fire-safe cigarettes, but those are gone now, too. Does anywhere still have Choc-ola? Please tell me yes. Please. Eric http://www.non-filters.com, thanks.

  24. Choc-ola is returning! Starting April 2010 it will be available only through sales coordinated through the Rock-Cola 50’s Cafe located in Indianapolis’ historic area of Irvington.

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