HA! I found a transcript of the argument Ebert & Roeper (his new TV partner) had about Attack of the Clones on their last show. It’s hilarious! Roeper loved it; Ebert hated it. The bit about Yoda at the end is the best part:

Ebert: Listen, if you’re Yoda and you have the Force. …
Roeper: He’s a Jedi master.
Ebert: …If you encompass the Force, you don’t need no lightsaber!
Roeper: You do when you’re going up against another Jedi dude who’s also got super-duper mind powers!
Ebert: You’ve just got to go like this [makes a mind-reading gesture]. You’re Yoda, nobody can stop you.

I love that they completely drop into fanboy-speak. And how bitchy is that “He’s a Jedi master” interjection? I can just picture it. And Ebert making a “mind-reading gesture”. Hee! Man, I wish I’d seen this show!


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  1. I think Ebert was actually making the “I’m using the force on you” gesture. Like “I’m going to pick up that big rock and throw it at you”.

  2. Ah, that makes slightly more sense. But (SPOILER WARNING!) I agree with the argument that since Yoda and Dooku were evently matched Force-wise, they had to go to the sabers. Besides, it was just too cool. 🙂

  3. (MORE SPOILERS) I’m apparently in a very small minority, but I agree with Ebert. Yoda bouncing around with a lightsaber was just too silly. Reminded me of the killer rabbit from Monty Python… IMO, Yoda has transcended the need for a lightsaber; his mind is a much more powerful weapon than any techie gadget. Lucas just uses the ‘force stalemate’ to get Yoda to whip out his saber & placate the audience. [Ducking behind my flame shield now…]

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