My First Quilt

Me and my quiltThe quilt is done!
I finished the quilting yesterday and spent all day today finishing the edges. (It took me about ten hours of sewing. Yeah, I now have arthritis.) But it’s done! I even embroidered my initials and the date down in the corner. Snookums is sitting under it on the couch right now. It’s so damn warm! We are gonna put this sucker to good use. It’s suddenly gotten real cold at night. 🙂


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  1. nice work, girl! i really have to get my @$$ to ye olde sewing shoppe as i have placemat plans and an idea for embellishing a pair of thrift store khakis. 🙂

  2. Cool! It looks lovely and comfortable.

  3. Howie, wanna hear the weirdest sh*t? I had a dream last night, and you were in it sewing your quilt! I Have NO IDEA Why.

  4. nice on the quilt! make me one now…

    rem = #28, u2….. #13!

    also, that star wars movie blew! bri was the only one of the la crew who liked it!

  5. That list sucks! The Ramones at #2? Pearl Jam influenced Dave Matthews Band? The Beastie Boys up that high? It’s ridiculous. I have no idea why anyone with a brain cell would accept that list as gospel. It’s more of a “bands that influenced lots of others and make you look cool to name drop”. I agree with some, but most are just wank. Though their U2 description is spot on. I love that is says nothing about their music, but lots about how they’re hypocritical posturing celeb-whores.

  6. Looks nice! Do you feel Amish now? 🙂

  7. Ja. Sehr Deutsch. 🙂

  8. That list DOES suck! It sucks donkey! I can’t believe that the Beastie Boys are rated that high! The Ramones?! Parliament?!? And WTF… Outkast is NOT one of the 50 greatest bands of all time. Gah! Whatever. I don’t even think that Nirvana deserves to be that high on the list. I was pleased to see that Pavement, and Pink Floyd were mentioned. But still. That list is crap.

  9. I must say that the quilt looks lovely!

    Now that I’ve said something nice, I have to argue that the Spin list looked pretty right on to me. Case in point, the Ramones changed the direction of rock’n’roll: they brought about the demise of disco and influenced just about everyone (even if most of their songs sound the same.) And I can’t help but love a list that has the Smiths in the top 25. Even if I’m not a Nirvana fan, and have argued against their significance for 10 years, I’m finally won over and agree that they really are that important of a band. I also love that Sonic Youth was listed so high.

  10. Hold up, dogs. I haven’t looked at the list, but keep in mind that the B-Boys are literally my number one (tied with IG) favorite band of all time. In the words of the BBs, they are sweeter than a cherry pie with Reddi-Whip top. So, take THAT!

  11. But the material point, kids, (and the reason Kel brought it up), is whether U2 really deserves to be ranked that high above REM. And given the rest of the rankings, I don’t think you can trust their system.

  12. No. Their system bites. I don’t get how they came up with the order.

    Not to say that I don’t agree that the majority of those bands deserve to be on the list. Except the part about Outkast. He’s been around since, what, 2000? What’s Outkast doing that Busta hasn’t been doing for years?

  13. tara – funniest thing… when i read your post (and i hadn’t read all of the others), i thought you were referring to the BACKSTREET boys. i can see how you’d be angry that they weren’t mentioned…

    p.s. i think the list is pretty well on, except for the outkast and the fact that my fave band, counting crows, isn’t included.

  14. Counting Crows?? Yeah, they were revolutionary. They started that whole trend of dating the cast of Friends.

  15. i don’t think they’re revolutionary, they’re just my fave band…

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