Hee. So Bono’s doing his third-world-crusader bit down in Africa, right? Turns out nobody down there’s ever heard of him. Oops. I guess they don’t really watch major sporting event half-time shows down there, do they? Don’t worry, Bono. I’m sure this won’t hurt your chances for sainthood.

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  1. Hee hee! You’re right. He loves playing the moral crusader.

  2. He’s annoying. I mean, I started cataloguing his ego trips just to needle my friend Kel (who thinks U2 are “better” than REM), but the more I read the funnier they get. Most rock stars got over that whole “We Are the World” crap in the 80’s, but he’s still living it. (I’m not saying that people shouldn’t use their fame/wealth to help out the world. It’s just that Bono has a way of coming off very smug and condescending whenever he does it.)

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