My new sewing machineSince I’ve got two new quilting projects in the pipeline (one for my sister’s birthday in July, and one for our friend Kenya’s wedding in January), Snookums bought me a present today… my very own sewing machine! And what’s more, he even waited for an hour with me inside the very busy sewing store. (They were having a big sale, and every grandma in Sydney was in there buying yarn to knit winter sweaters.) But eventually we got my toy! Too bad I don’t have anything I can actually sew on it yet. The bandannas for my sister’s project (don’t ask) are on order, and I need to cut out about 500 more triangles before I can start work on Kenya’s. *sigh* I’ve got a very full winter ahead of me!


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  1. I like the idea of sewing. I don’t know if I’d really have the patience for it though. I haven’t sewed since primary 7, when our class got roped into making the costumes for the school production of “Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat”. We didn’t get to make the Dreamcoat though – just a hundred little red tunic things for the chorus.

  2. Oh, I don’t plan on making any clothes or anything. Good Lord, no. I sucked in Home Ec. I can sew in a semi-straight line and that’s about it. (Luckily, that’s all you need for most quilting.) Really, this machine is more complex than I needed. (It was the basic model, though.) I just wanted one that would go forwards and backwards in a straight line. Everything else is just bonus.

    Ugh, I remember one project I did with my mom back in junior high. I wanted to make myself a really big duffel bag to carry all my books and crap in. I found a pattern and picked out the fabric (purple denim!) myself. Unfortunately I seem to have enlarged the pattern incorrectly, because the bag turned out really long and narrow, like a five foot long hotdog. It was so embarrassing. I didn’t carry it to school very often.

  3. Didnt ya make me a camo duffle bag once? And if not who did? Couldnt have been Aim could it?? Naaawww she’s not domestic. πŸ™‚

  4. That was me! I did that one in Home Ec, though, so I couldn’t screw it up too badly. πŸ™‚

  5. Hey its takin a lickin and has kept on tickin, ya just cant buy that kinda quality. πŸ™‚

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