What a way to start the morning. I read this article on the WTC collapse and the associated MeFi comments. Then I cried. Warning, folks. Don’t read this one at work unless you want everyone to see you get all sniffly.


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  1. i surprised a friend at the local *$ by slapping myself up against the window he was sitting in front of, only to find out that he was reading the print version of that NYT article and wasn’t in much of a mood.

    i tried to talk him out of reading the article, asking him not to torture himself (he’s from a NJ suburb and knew third-hand people who died in the tragedy) and said that you don’t have to put your hand in the fire to know it’s hot.

    of course i stumbled across the MeFi thread and read the article myself. i don’t know why i do that to myself, knowing that the video clip that was replayed time and again still reduces me to a sobbing mess.

    my problem is—as it was in the movie Pearl Harbor and just about any tragic situation, fact or fiction, that comes across the wires or over pages is that i put myself and my loved one(s) into said situation and get way too sucked in to the emotion involved.

    methinks i could use a little emotional distance…

  2. Me too. It’s weird – I didn’t know a single person involved in the tragedy, and I wasn’t even in the U.S. when it happened. It’s never really hit home for me. It’s just this horrible thing that I heard about, but that I haven’t really absorbed. So in a way, I didn’t expect the article to have a big effect on me. I wasn’t conscious of putting myself in the situation or anything. I just found myself getting all choked up. I’m kinda glad that my subconscious is dealing with it and keeping the rest of me out of the loop. I sleep better that way.

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