Important note: There is now a new domain pointing to this website! should work identically to the version. If you’ve linked me somewhere, please update it to reflect the .org. I’m hoping to eventually phase out the down the line (since I’m not in the UK anymore, of course).

Edited to add: Oh, and if you use the new domain, you’ll probably find that your cookies (for the poll and commenting) have disappeared. You’ll have to reset them but they should be okay after that.


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  1. Will you be preserving the URLs for your archived posts, other than the change from “” to “” as the domain?

  2. Yes indeedy. I think I’ve got the for another year, but even after it’s gone, it’s relatively simple with PHP to check for those links and redirect them to the right page on the fly. So fear not! Web-goddess will not cause linkrot. 🙂

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