If anybody’s interested, I’m thinking of selling the registration key for my copy of BalanceLog. It’s a program for your PDA that allows you to set weight loss goals, log food and exercise, and chart your progress. It’s actually a really nice application, but the food database is all based on American stuff and I got tired of typing in all the Aussie products. But it’d be great for any of you in the U.S. My key is for the “Palm OS only” version, and I’ll sell it for half price ($25). Let me know if you’re interested.

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  1. It actually sounds interesting, but I’m not tech-savvy enough to know if I can use it. Does the version you have allow you to hot synch and type from your computer? (and I don’t have a Mac) I have a PalmVx (underused, but starting to get into it); would it work for that? Did you find that it was actually useful to type everything in? Have I asked enough annoying questions yet? It sounds like something I might be interested in. Thanks for the potential offer, Kris.

  2. It’ll work fine on a Palm Vx. It’s just the PDA version, meaning you do everything on the Palm. (There isn’t a desktop application that you hot sync from; they didn’t have a Mac version so I decided to skip it.) You can back it up to your machine, though, so you won’t lose your data. There’s actually isn’t much typing. Once you get it set up, you just enter your food and exercise each day. It comes with databases for each so you just select them and enter the quantities. (It even includes fast food stuff!) The typing comes if you want to log foods or exercises that aren’t in the database. Since it’s all American, I was finding myself doing that a lot. But for anybody in the US it should be great.

    I think that website link includes screenshots and stuff, so you might want to check that out just to be sure you know what you’re getting into. 🙂

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