Screw Korea… GO USA! That was stunning. That was also the first soccer game I’ve ever watched in its entirety in my life.


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  1. wasn’t it great!!! i only saw highlights, but we were checking the score regularly at work, and i got to make fun of the guys who had been bad-mouthing the US. heheheheh

  2. It was a great match, the whole of the rest of the world ate humble pie after what they’d said about the USA’s footballing abilities. Portugal are a pretty good team whom some have hotly tipped this year and USA actually PLAYED THEM OFF THE PARK! One of the best games so far.

    btw Kris, I’m back online now.

  3. The commentators here were talking about how Portugal really played much crappier than they’re able, but they did give the USA props for a great (and professional) game.

    (Hey! I see my subtle persuasion – taking you off the Links list – had its intended effect. 🙂 )

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