Good News Part Two. Last night at the gym I managed to run two and a half miles without stopping! I know that’s peanuts for some of you, but it’s a major personal best for me. My goal is to be able to run the entire Nike Women’s 5K (3.1 miles) next weekend. And I’m actually starting to think I might be able to do it! I have a few nagging concerns though:

  • My pace is really pretty slow. (It’s more of a jog than a run.) I’m worried that when the race starts I’ll subconsciously speed up to keep up with the others and then burn out halfway through the course. I could wear a watch, I guess, and time each kilometer, but I’ll have run a fifth of the race before I’m able to adjust. I also thought of creating an iPod playlist of songs with beats at my running pace and just listening/running to that. What do you think?
  • I run much, much better when I’m well hydrated. At the gym I drink frequently while I’m running. But how in the world do you carry water while you’re running?

Any advice would be appreciated!


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  1. I don’t think it matters if you’re jogging more than running. You’re still doing it, and working hard! When I was still diligently going to the gym, I created a playlist on my iPod that included songs that challeneged me to keep a swift pace. It really did help me a lot. My iPod is absolutely essential when I work out.

    I’m not sure about the keeping well hydrated thing… It’s easy to drink lots of water when you’re at the gym and have nice ledges or cupholders about. I know they make backpacks or fanny packs that hold water; you just grab the tube when you need a sip! Some motocross riders use the backpack water thing when they’re running hare-scrambles. I don’t know how much that might cost you, though.

    Good luck with your run.

  2. See, the backpack thing is what I’m trying to avoid. I can’t run with something bouncing against me. I was thinking more along the lines of something like a (*gulp*) fanny pack where I could stow a small bottle. Or would it be better to just drink lots before the race (not right before, of course) and then not worry about drinking anything during it?

  3. Dude, Camelbak! I think that’s what you are talking about, Moire. Camelbaks don’t really bounce- (They have a security strap, and some are small and flat) – I just purchased one for the Avon 3-Day. Granted, that is a walk. I would give the ol’ bike water-bottle size a try if you are super against it. Plus, for a 5k, you probably won’t need something of liter-caliber, anyway. But, think about how dope it is to carry your water on your back like a CAMEL (!) – and how bak with no k is ridiculous, but somehow they pull it off.

  4. #Top Tip Time!

    Just find a way to convert your own pee to water and drink that!

    But seriously, I think you may find that there are stalls along the way to grab water from.

  5. for big runs, they usually break the runners out by pace, so chances are you’ll be able to surround yourselves with folks who are joggers as well. i wouldrecommend picking up a stopwatch at some point in your trainin so you can keep track of time when you take your runs outside the gym (hint, hint)… ad for the iPod, some races prohibit walkman-type devices for safety reasons. although my race banned those and baby stollers but i saw plenty of both at the starting line.

    as for the water, i’m the same way—i can’t run worth a damn if i haven’t been drinking lots of fluids throughout the day. try to find out if they’re having water stops along the route. if not, just drink lots beforehand and you should be just fine. best of luck!

  6. Just start near the back, go at your own pace, and put blinders on to those passing you. There will always be lots of people in front of you and lots behind you, so try not to get caught up in the crowd dynamics.

    I can’t imagine an organized run (esp. sponsored by a big name like Nike!) withough water/gatorade… For a 5K there should be at least 2-3 water stops.

    Finally, don’t feel bad about walking sometimes–it’s often good to walk right after the water tables as you sip.

  7. Congrats on your 2 1/2 miles; it sounds like you’re more than ready for this run!

    As far as advice goes, you’ve probably gotten more than enough, but I’ll second everything that Jeff has said for emphasis.

    I recommend keeping things simple as far as water, timing, music, etc go. Personally, my race essentials are: good shoes, supportive running bra(s), sunscreen, and a ballcap.

    If you hydrate well the day before and after the race, the water on the course will be more than enough.

    Relax, run your own race and have fun!

  8. You guys are making me feel better. Thanks. 🙂

  9. Best thing to do is keep well hydrated the morning of the race and the day before. Oh wait someone already said that. Oh well it’s worth noting twice. Yeah Tricia is right on–after the race make a conscious effort to keep a steady stream of liquids–it’s easy to forget and then in the morning your pee is toxic orange. If you get your H2O before and after then taking drinks during the race are more of a luxury than a necessity. When I’m in the act of sporting I tend to drink very little but will take some water to help wash the (ahem) loogies out of my mouth mostly or if it’s hot I’ll give myself a cooling splash on the head.

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