My mental age is apparently 16. This comes as no surprise to my family, who’ve known it for years. Interestingly, yesterday I bought an over-priced hat that I’ll hardly ever wear simply because it reminded me of one I had… when I was 16. It’s a red corduroy floppy driving hat. (Snookums claims it looks like the ones train engineers wear.) I think it looks cool. Like I said, I’m 16.


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  1. I’m 21. I think I like it. I’m not sure.

  2. I’d put you at 21.

    Snookums came up 18, which is good, because I had a fear that I’d be 16 and he’d be a dirty old man. 🙂

  3. 16?? you must have aged some then. 😛

  4. Ok so I took the test and i came up 17 but you probably suspected that anyway, so I guess I will have to take back the previous statement. 🙂

  5. I’m 19…I wonder if it was all the sex answers I gave 😉

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