The Mouse GameI just found a great site called Strange Indiana. The author moved to the Midwest and decided to document all the strange Indiana weirdness that he found. Man, some of this stuff makes me homesick. I was also excited to finally show Snookums “The Mouse Game”, shown in this image. My Dad is the Mouse Game Champion of All Time. Basically it’s a big spinny table with lots of numbered holes around the edges. Then they chuck a mouse onto it and it runs down into one of the holes. You win prizes (usually stuffed animals) by correctly betting which hole the mouse will run to. I used to know kids that would skip school during Fair Week and spend every day down there wasting their allowance. Ahhh, teenage gambling addicts. Does it get anymore fun that that?


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  1. The Freedom Ferret

    June 10, 2002 — 2:31 am

    Damn that’s so cruel. Poor wee mouse!

    You really do get bored in Indiana don’t you…. 😉

  2. He doesn’t get hurt! Just maybe a little tired and dizzy. 🙂

  3. Yes, Ferret… VERY bored.

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